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Owner Ray Daneault, born and raised in Milford, Connecticut, has been in the cleaning industry since his days as a youngster tagging along with his Dad. He is a hands-on owner, spending the bulk of his days on location making sure that every BioClean service lives up to his stringent standards. Ray early adopted a ‘can-do’ attitude and one of ‘the job isn’t finished until the customer says it’s finished.’ Customers have Ray’s personal commitment and promise to be beyond satisfied with BioClean's service.

If mold is detected, killing live mold and retarding future growth is imperative. BioClean uses a commercial fogging machine and an enzyme mold cleaner to produce an aerosolized fog. This method is particularly effective in the decontamination of mold affected areas because it allows the chemical to linger in the air and thus is able to decontaminate not only the exposed surface areas but the exposed air spaces as well.

Our Methodology

Mold Remediation was a natural outgrowth of BioClean’s medical cleaning ‘touch everything” approach and the protocol was learned under the tutelage of a highly respected local environmental remediation and testing concern. To this end, BioClean consults with a micro-biologist at all job sites, verifying the approach and checking for omissions before beginning.

Environmentally safe ‘green’ products are used to render mold harmless and continue to work after the initial application. Most important to note is that most mold remediation companies kill the live spores but do not get rid of the dead mold. Because BioClean is, after all, a CLEANING COMPANY, we will HEPA vacuum the affected areas without dispersing the mold further. In addition, all areas will be wiped down, left dry and visibly free from contamination and debris.

BioClean uses a disinfectant that that is 100% green, kills and disinfects 100% of the listed germs, and leaves a shield on the surface protecting for 24 hours. We use a unique EPA compliant green disinfectant utilizing silver ion technology that kills 100% of a broad spectrum of germs.

Ray Daneault, Owner