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If your tenants complain of moisture or mold problems, protect your property and your reputation by acting promptly. Mold can be a serious issue and if left unattended it can cause health problems and damage the property. 

Full Service Water and Mold Removal for your Properties

If you have flooded apartments/condos, mold can grow and multiply behind walls, cabinets or in crawl spaces within days. Even if the water is removed, mold spores can remain behind and cause ​serious health problems.

With any major or minor signs of moisture or mold, take proper measures to professionally assess and remediate. If mold has penetrated walls, floors, etc. it can grow back if it's not removed.

BioClean can mitigate damage quickly and take care of any signs of mold growth with complete and thorough remediation. Contact us to find out how BioClean helps property managers.